Why I Blog

by Dewi Martha Indria

If someone asked me “why I blog”, surely I will say because I love to do it 😂

For the first time, I build this food blog as an online documentation where I can keep all recipes that I have ever been cooked in my kitchen. But I don’t want this food blog only keep that recipes. I want to make a food blog that can “communicate” well, food blog that has story to be read by everyone, wherever you are and whenever it is.

I started my blog since 2007, but at that time it was not specific blog – not food blog. Actually that was my personal blog, an amazing blog where I can post random thought, meet new friend and share anything. I signed my first personal blog in Multiply. My blogging activity in Multiply connected me with so many foodie blogger that inspire me to learn cooking at that time. I just love when some of them – who are also a mother – always share their story about cooking at home and from their sharing I could feel how great the power of love can influence someone to serve the best dishes for their beloved one. Cooking is not only need fresh ingredients and good seasoning, but also love 😉 I always believe that love can come from food – it happened to me, just ask my hubby how he really love me, LOL.

At that time, I am not too confident in the kitchen although I have been learn a little bit how to cook from my mother since senior high school. But as you know, cook is not simple as you think right? How if I fail? How if my cake instead of become a cake, it become a stone? How if I put salt wrongly? How if this.. how is that? If we always think like that, just believe me you will never reach the end point. So there I was, amazingly  was able to get rid of my own fear and just think like Chef Gusteau’s – in Ratatouille (2007) – famous motto, “Anyone can cook”.

Now, I cook for my little family with their own preferences. My hubby is lacto-ovo vegetarian and my son is a picky eater child. Cooking for those preferences sometimes make me so hard to keep going on my track. But you know, the main point of each cooking process is do not ever forget to put love in every dishes we made and Voila! Everything will not gonna be hard as you think 😉

My recipe inspiration come from many resources, from my grandmother and my mother’s favourite recipe, other food blog, book, magazine and so on. I could spend hours searching for some recipes that I want to try to cook at my own kitchen. Some of them now become my family favourite recipes. The recipes in this blog is the recipe that I collect from many resources and of course ever tried to cook in my little kitchen.

As you know, food photography is one of my passion. My foodie blogger friends are not only inspire me to cook with love but also inspire me to capture the dishes in good food photography. For the first time, I am very lack of experience in this field. Slowly but sure, my passion to food photography grow at the same time as my learning to make better food photo shoot. At that time, I only used camera phone and old pocket digital camera (Samsung Digimax A503 -that I borrowed from my bestie- and Sony DSC W-110 -my hubby’s pocket camera).

Now, after “the lucky-accident” (my baby boy thrown my pocket digital camera), I decided to buy new and better camera. Then my choice come to Canon EOS 60D. Now, I am happy learn with this camera and still in on-going process to know the six-O-D (my camera name) better. But don’t see me as professional photographer, I am still far away from that level. I am in beginner level, newbie, and still feel so hard learning with light, colors, shadow, composition and so on. For daily, I used only one lens, the Canon EF-S 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 IS as kit lens for my six-O-D and Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 II.

By the way, you maybe curious why I gave name “My Little Kitchen” to this blog. Actually, it is caused by the fact that my kitchen is truly small 😅 My kitchen is not very spacious at all. It is truly “little”. But for me the size of the room doesn’t matter as long as I feel comfort when I am in it 😉

So, I hope you will feel so comfort when visit this blog. Just see my photo then imagine how delicious it is. Feel free to contact me or just leave  comments about anything, about the recipe or the photo that I shoot.

Have a nice day!!  😎