Who I Am

by Dewi Martha Indria
about me

Hi all!

I am Dewi, 33 years old, the owner of this food blog. Of course, I do all parts of cooking, styling, photograph, and writing – all of the contents in this blog. Currently I live happily with my family in Malang – a beautiful and lovely city in East Java, Indonesia.

I am a Javanese who ever spent about 15 years live in Pontianak (since 2 years old), West Kalimantan – a city that have so many delicious food. When I was 17 years old, I came back to Java Island to continue my study. I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Medicine and Master Degree from Family Medicine Graduate School. Although I don’t have any academic or professional background in photography, one of my dream job is being a professional food photographer πŸ˜‰ In my daily life, I spend most of my time with my family, as a wife and a mother. But beside that, I am a Lecturer in Faculty of Medicine in one of university in Malang, a part-time General Physician in a private hospital and a International Board Certified Lactation Counsultant of Indonesian Breastfeeding Mother Association.

Cooking is one of my daily activity as a mother-chef at home. I have never trained professionally as a chef. I became a home chef by accident πŸ˜…Long time ago, when I came to Malang as a freshman in university, I came without know anything about how to cook well. Live far away from parents forced me to cook my own meal – although I did seldom do this at dorm, but at least I tried to learn to cook. So here I am, a self-taught home chef who still struggle – until now – to make yummy and healthy meal for my little family.

I am a home-chef with a boundless enthusiasm to cook anything that I can try to cook at home, from the practical one until the complicated one. In my daily, I cook vegetarian dishes for my husband who is lacto-ovo vegetarian, non vegetarian dishes for me and my son. When I have spare time, I usually make experiment in my little kitchen, try to explore new recipes that I get from many resources and sometimes create something new – without read any recipe. Don’t ever think that I always get success with my experiment, sometimes – many times – I got total failure and have to throw away my dishes. But it’s okay for me, as Truman Capote said “Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.”

In this blog, you will find so many food that I cook for my lovely family and friends and a lot of information about Indonesian food and beverages.

That’s all about me… Thanks for dropping by 😘